Brief introduction of the CCAMLS:
Registered in People’s Bank of China, Central  Bank of China,   approved and supported by PBOC Anti-Money Laundering Bureau,  China   Centre for Anti-Money Laundering Studies was established in 2005 in   Fudan  University, Shanghai, China, affiliated to School of Economics.   It is so far  the only institution focusing on the study of money   laundering and counter  terrorism financing in China, which is crowned   with the title of “China”.

Background of its establishment:
With the  deepening of the financial globalization, the campaign   against money laundering  has become one of the most important tasks in   the economic and legal areas  among sovereign states. Chinese government   attaches great importance to movement  and has already taken many   measures to fight against money laundering. It has  established   inter-ministerial joint conference mechanism in which 26 state   ministries  and departments work together to check the development of   money laundering situation.  It has specifically stipulated the crime of   money-laundering in its new  amendment to the Criminal Law. It   has also issued many rules and regulations  concerning the fight   against money laundering, in which the process of customers’    identification, the rule for saving and storing transaction records, and   the  reporting of big amount and suspected transactions in financial   institution are  established.
In contrast  to the western advanced countries, China started late   in implementing anti-money  laundering campaign. Government departments   and financial institutions have not  yet established a sophisticated   anti-money laundering system and been lack of experience  for the   practice. Research in this field is not enough for the current campaign    against money laundering. The dissemination of anti-money laundering   knowledge  is lagging behind. With the development of economic and   financial  globalization, the fight against money laundering and   terrorism financing has  crossed national borders. Deepening the   research in this field and engaging in  effective international   cooperation have become important preconditions for the  success of the   campaign anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing movement.
It is urgently  needed to set up some professional research   institutions in this field.  Therefore, School of Economics, Fudan   University takes the lead by establishing  its Centre for Anti-Money   Laundering Studies (CCAMLS). The centre will take  advantage of the   university’s comprehensive disciplinary institution and its  prestige to   promote the research into anti-money laundering and the education in    this field, and to increase the participation in the international   exchange of information  and experience. It shall also provide   assistance to the Anti-Money Laundering Bureau  of People’s Bank of   China.


  • Conducting comprehensive and thorough  research in the field of money laundering and the fight against it

  • Establishing a platform for international  and domestic exchange of information and experience

  • Performing the role as an effective  assistant to the Anti-Money Laundering Bureau of People’s Bank of China


  • Conducting comprehensive and systematical  research into the   causes, composition, variation and development trend of money    laundering;

  • Introducing foreign advanced experience and  research results in this field;

  • Providing assistance to help the Anti-Money  Laundering Bureau of   People’s Bank of China to perfect relevant rules and  regulations;

  • Collecting information and doing necessary  research to provide   the top leaders of the government references for their decision-making;

  • Enhancing the citizen's awareness of  countering money laundering and disseminating knowledge in this field;

  • Helping the Anti-Money Laundering Departments  of relevant   institutions train professional talents and thus enhancing their  fight   against money laundering;

  • Making effective use of foreign and  domestic talents and   intelligence for the benefit of the country in its fight  against money   laundering and terrorism financing;

  • Setting up a research platform for international  and domestic scholars to exchange information and study experience.

Operation goals:

  • To build a comprehensive data base of  anti-money laundering studies

  • To set up a professional website of  anti-money laundering in China

  • To accomplish the research projects  assigned by Anti-Money Laundering Bureau of People’s Bank of China and other  institutions

  • To assist Anti-Money Laundering Bureau of People’s  Bank of China   to draft rules and regulations concerning the campaign against money    laundering and terrorism financing

  • To finish other tasks designated by PBOC  Anti-Money Laundering Bureau

  • To organize and hold meetings concerning anti-money  laundering and academic forums annually

  • To establish a talent bank of anti-money  laundering experts composed of elites from all fields among the country.

  • To compile briefs on the latest news of anti-money  laundering at home and abroad

  • To publish series of books in the field of anti-money  laundering